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We will endeavour to deliver your order within 48 hours or an arranged date and a morning or afternoon slot.


We will deliver free to the following areas Midhurst, Easebourne, Bepton, Cocking, Elstead, Harting,Haslemere, Grayswood, Hindhead, Linchmere, Camlesdale, Fernhurst, Kingsley Green, Weyhill, Lipook, Liss, Rake, Hillbrow, Petersfield, Steep, Sheet, Stroud, Rogate, Iping, Singleton, Chilgrove, Grafham, Nyewood, Milland, Buriton, Hawkley, West Liss, Liss Forest, Bordon, Whitehill, Blackmoor, Greatham, Lurgashall, Halfway Bridge, Petworth, Lodsworth, Lavington, Lickfold, Ambersham, Heyshott, Tillington. If you live outside these areas please contact us as a delivery Charge may apply. All our deliveries are to your property or kerbside, and will be tipped loose from our purpose built vehicle. We cannot leave firewood on a Public Footpath or Highway, with out someone present. If no one is at the property when we deliver, we will  NOT leave the logs, unless prior arrangement has been made, and an addition £10 will be added to the original cost for re delivery. Logs On Fire will accept NO responsibility for damages caused to properties or vehicles during the delivery process. Please ensure that all access ways are clear with no obstructions to aid for a smooth safe delivery. Telephone : 01730 894984 Email: sales@logsonfire.co.uk
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May 2017

This year we still only have one Barn Owl (single but on the look out for new mate). But the Kestrels have come back and are currently incubating 5 eggs. We also have some newcomers, a pair of Swallows and returning as always the Pied Wagtails, Blue Tits. Along with our resident Robins and Wrens (whom have decided NOT to nest in the Kindling machine this year).

June 2017

Start of the Firewood preparations, moving and mixing of wood varieties, to get us logging..

Sunday 1st January


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